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FREE HALF LITER if you order for at least seven liters of fragrance you get FREE shipping and may select one free half liter of your choice! Just indicate the free half liter fragrance you select in the Comments Section when placing your order!

We love Lampe Berger! Call our store and talk to us about Lampe Berger products and let us know how we can help you! Imperial Galleries has the largest collection of Lampe Berger lamps and fragrances on the internet.

#4535 - Bubble Amethyst#4535 - Bubble Amethyst
Price: $59.99

This is an elegant Lampe Berger lamp in a curved design that is thin when viewed from the side in a royal amethyst color. The lamp comes in a box with burner, funnel, instructions.

#4415 - Quadri Aubergine#4415 - Quadri Aubergine
Price: $59.95

The Lampe Berger Quadri dark Violet lamp is rectangular with rounded corners in thick angular glass. This is an elegant sturdy lamp! Recommended by Imperial Galleries.

Lampe Berger in History Imperial Galleries is the oldest online Lampe Berger dealer. We sell only Lampe Berger fragrance oils, lamps, burners and accessories. You have our assurance that everything we sell is genuine and that our customer service is without equal. Imperial Galleries is the largest dealer in the United States with over 300 different lamps and over 60 different fragrances in stock to choose from.

Around 1898, Lampe Berger introduced their air-cleaning fragrance lamps and fragrances. It was discovered that these lamps had the remarkable ability to destroy odors and other air contaminants. This ability has been much improved over time. These lamps are used in homes and offices not to cover up odors but to eliminate them. Do you have problems with offensive pet, smoking or cooking odors? Use Berger lamps to elimimate contaminants and restore the air you like to breathe.

Choose only Lampe Berger quality and integrity. Although there are imitation products available, their performance can be disappointing. Their abilty to clean the air and restore it to its proper state is very limited and unburned gasses are released into the air that can be irritating or even harmful. Lampe Berger takes great care to insure that their burners and fragrances will not do this. It can take many months for a new fragrance to pass the tests and be approved.

Our Lady Primrose bath and body products blend what is desirable from the past with the received knowledge of the present. The resulting toiletries are unsurpassed in quality. Creating luxurious experiences comes naturally for Lady Primrose. Pamper yourself—you deserve it. Lady Primrose products also make wonderful gifts for almost any occasion.

Our Pure Integrity soy candles have excellent fragrance throw. Through a seven step proprietary pouring process these candles contain about 50% more fragrance than the strongest scented candles on the market and they are very reasonably priced and clean burning. The fragrances exceed the most stringent governmental standards. Pure Integrity candles are made in America and the 100% all natural stabilized soy wax is produced by American farmers.

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If you are reluctant to use our secure ordering system or are having any problem, please call one of our friendly Lampe Berger sales people at 318-361-0091 or 1-877-361-0091, and we will gladly take your order. We are open 10 am to 5 pm CDT/CST, Tuesday through Saturday.

Imperial Galleries specializes in selling Lampe Berger lamps, fragrance oils, burners and accessories from Paris.