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Lampe Berger

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History of Lampe Berger

In 1898, a French chemist named Maurice Berger created the catalytic technology still used today in Berger Lampes to eliminate air-borne odors created by smoking, cooking, pets and other common sources.

The flameless burning of the lamp using a unique alcohol-based fuel not only freshens the air but releases one of many available fragrances. The performance of these lamps is spectacular.

Naturally, copies or imitations of Lampe Berger products have appeared, but their performance is disappointing. Problems with the knock-off lamps can include: smoking, high fuel consumptions and heat, clogging of the burners, short burner life and the production of irritating fumes. Insist on the integrity and quality of genuine Lampe Berger fragrances and lamps.

The Air Pur System 3C Burner

The Air Pur System 3C burner is much more sophisticated than other burners thanks to the skillful use of a synthetic ceramic material which increases its performance. These instructions should be followed carefully!

Place your lamp on a stable surface away from any source of heat and fill your lamp no more than half full with Lampe Berger's Parfum de Maison home fragrance oil. Eliminate any excess fluid on or around the lamp.

IMPORTANT: Using any fragrance oil other than Lampe Berger's will clog and ruin your burner!

Insert the wick fully into the neck of the lamp letting the burner rest easily on top of the lamp. Replace the cap and let the wick soak for a full 30 minutes.

Light the burner and let it flame for a complete two minutes, but no more than three minutes. Blow out the flame and place the open-work-shade over the burner. To extinguish your lamp, remove the open-work-shade and place the cap on the burner, then replace the open-work-shade.

How To Use Your Lampe Berger

Your lamp comes with instructions for its use from Lampe Berger. These suggestions are not meant to replace the factory instructions, but only to help you avoid certain difficulties.

  1. Remove both the large slotted cap and the smaller solid snuffer cap. Pour fragrance into the lamp. Filling the lamp half full or less produces the most efficient operation of your lamp. Overfilling can create problems: too much fragrance is wicked up into the stone which cannot burn it fast enough causing the lamp to go out and possible damage to your burner.

  2. Feed the wick into the lamp with the burner assembly resting gently on the lamp's metal collar. Replace the small solid cap and wait about 20 minutes for the fragrance to wick up into the burner.

  3. Remove the small solid cap, light the burner, and let it flame for about one minute. While the lamp flames, not top should be on your lamp. If the large slotted cap is on while the lamp is flaming, it will be damaged. Allowing the burner to flame for more than two minutes could damage it. It is a good idea to remain with your lamp while it is flaming so that you do not forget to blow it out.

  4. Blowing out the flame begins the catalytic operation of the lamp. You may now place the large slotted top over the burner. It is not necessary to burn your lamp for a long time; twenty to thirty minutes may be enough!

  5. To extinguish the lamp, place the small solid cap over the burner and leave it on while the lamp is not in use. Use your lamp frequently and enjoy it!

How Does It Work?

The three functions are performed simultaneously within the burner:

The perfume evaporates and the air is purified in a lower temperature zone at the center of the burner. The mixing of the air and the movement from convection due to the presence of hot points on the burner ensure that odors are destroyed in a large volume of air.

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