Baby Sapphire September by Lee Middleton
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This is a Lee Middleton Artist Studio Collector Doll "Baby Saphire-September" edition only 300 available worldwide! "Baby Saphire" has her Certificate of Authenticity, two hangtags, and Bible, and she will arrive in her origial box. This doll edition was fourth of twelve in the Birthstone Treasure Series of Lee Middleton Dolls in 2008. This little blessing is wearing a periwinkle floral print sleeper with a guilted velour yoke and eyelet ruffles and matching headband. She also has a sapphire crystal necklace.  * Category: Artist Studio Collection * Face: Lil' Peanut Face * Artist: Reva Schick * Hair: Strawberry blonde hair * Tone: Light * Blue Eyes * Manicured nails! *  Necklace included. Model: 02309

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Baby Sapphire September by Lee Middleton

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